The whole collection are traditionally handcrafted from eco-friendly silver by Minicyn in Paris. Often simple, earthy, timeless, spiritually inspired feel, replacing the notion that jewelry should be glitzy and flamboyant. New ideas and techniques are introduced on a regular basis, producing an eclectic and perpetual line. With her background in Graphic design & illustration, love for antiques and nature; the pieces resonates them all.

The Victorian historical line metamorphose from an antique Victorian fish knife she'd found at a bric-a-brac, the old carving's impression is replicated through lost wax casting and develops into various forms over time. The Oh line using the oldest symbol 'O', shape and form is repeated and manifested into small characters often interactive with the wearer.

Every Minicyn piece is sincerely produced with commitment to bona fide confidence, using only the finest quality metals often earth-friendly(reclaimed) sterling silver.

Products are available for purchase at the online boutique, and at her atelier directly.